Thursday, 5 September 2019

I've got no idea!

So, uh, PR email ...

September 4, 2019 - SAN JOSE, CA - Litmus Automation, an Industrial Edge Computing platform provider, today announced it has completed a $7 million Series A round of financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation. The investment brings Litmus Automation's total funding since launching its secure Industrial Edge Computing platform to $12.6 million and will help the company quickly ramp up sales and marketing efforts to meet the demand for companies ready to move to Industry 4.0. Litmus Automation already has offices in San Jose, Toronto and Tokyo, with plans to expand to Germany.

Well, as long as they're happy, you know?

"We invested in Litmus Automation because their Edge Computing platform fills a huge gap in the market," said Takao Shinohara, General Manager, Mitsubishi. "We are confident in their excellent team and their ability to help companies realize the value of Industry 4.0 quicker and more effectively than any other provider. They already have key customers and OEM channels in place and we look forward to helping them expand."

Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. Whatever. Thanks, Takao! / I'd rather talk about music, to be honest with you, dear reader(s).


Oh, music? All right then!

How many great songwriters are aware of the concept of "world-beater" songs? 'It's your concept, boss.' Well, not really, Voice. I've heard it used before. 'Not quite the same way you use it.' Maybe not. I mean, it's a strict category for me. And I doubt that many songwriters analyze what they're doing at all.

Listen! I have a theory that if Paul McCartney thought of Yesterday, Hey Jude, and Let It Be as world-beaters, as songs set apart, and he meditated on them, well ... he would be able to write more songs of that quality. 'If he had the concept in his mind, you mean?' Exactly!

Of course, he would need the hunger to write more songs like that as well. He would need to be obsessed. 'Oh.' Yeah. Never mind.

Anyway, forget it! I'm concentrating on performing at the moment. David Goggins says, in his book, like, can't remember the exact words, no, uh, something like ... Navy SEALs don't rise to the level of their aspirations, they fall to the level of their training.

Do you understand? I hope so, kook(s). For your sake(s).


Anything else? No. There's nothing else. It's the end of the week, and I'm tired, and I've still got my guitar to play.

Have a nice weekend! 'Bye!' Laters!