Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Who is Chris Burvill? Where is he going?

Chris Burvill is one of the heroic few still standing at Gartmore. He runs the Gartmore Cautious Managed fund, all £900 million of it! We'll never see his like again.

O Master, where is he going?

O my child, come in from the cold, warm yourself. Mr Burvill ain't going nowhere. Clouds so swift. Snow won't lift. Gate won't close. Railings froze. Get your mind off wintertime. You ain't goin' nowhere.


Don't worry about it.

O Master, where is he going?

Nowhere - yet. I ain't looking into his heart, his soul. Who knows what horror I will find? He seems a decent man though. He says the euro will crash and burn. Good! Let’s hope it takes the European Union with it. The people of Europe will be free again!

O Master, this Burvill chap, where is he going?

Maybe he will go to Acapulco. Going to have some fun, on the run, in the sun. But I'm sure the Gartmare goons would drag him back. They need him.

Oh, he ain't going nowhere.