Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Galena Asset Management's expanding

Just like the universe. Or a big expanding sun within the universe. A big red one. (That makes more sense, to me.) / Cosmic. Absolutely. It'll be a giant. / Galena. - This commodity hedge fund is doubling its assets under management, and increasing the size of its current funds, and launching new funds; it's er ... / Nothing can stop Galena Asset Management. Nothing!

It's like expanding consciousness. / Seriously, it's easily done. You just have to open yourself up to the possibilities of life. Try it. / Hopefully, you'll ignore/avoid the black holes. / Galena is, , , : What Galena is doing - besides leveraging the unparalleled commodities knowledge within Trafigura to deliver absolute returns for hedge fund investors - we can do. / Actually, I, I, I ... do it all the time. I - I can't speak for you - (wouldn't want to, frankly); no one knows what you get up to - and no one's interested, believe me / I'm not lying. . . > (Did I mention that Galena is a subsidiary of the Trafigura Group, one of the world's largest independent commodities traders?) < [of course I did! / just then ] - Galena is expanding. / How BIG will it become? As BIG as it wants to. We've got to have a positive attitude. We must ignore/avoid the black holes. - Do you imagine Galena is heading for a black hole? - Yes? You're crazy! You're fucking crazy for imagining that! Haven't you learnt anything? - 'No, but, oh, it will expand, and explode.' - It won't fucking explode, you lunatic! / Jeremy Weir isn't an amateur. He wouldn't let Galena explode. The things you think of!


The things I think of! / I wish I didn't have to think of them. But I have to think of them.


The things I think of Oh sometimes I have to think of the things I hate No I'm not joking The things I want to destroy The things I want to humiliate The things I want to drag to my personal hell Because I'm confused when I leave them alone So I have to bring them inside They are the animals I need in my mind But they make me ill They make me angry Those people are objects I suppose They are lonely with their pain However I try to make their pain a pleasure Actually I do more than try The truth is I succeed It's strange experiences they're after They want to be attacked They want to be broken into small pieces And that's good surely It must be good It's got to be good They come to the right person It's when I'm off the subject I do the most damage They know I want to fuck their world They know I despise them That's why they get so excited when they see me coming Their pains become pleasures Their crying turns to laughter They begin to see the comedy in everything