Wednesday, 13 March 2013

John Paulson is moving to Puerto Rico!

That's all right, ain't it? I might go with him. He wants to hold on to his money, you see. Oh, the billions! I haven't got any money to hold on to, of course, just pennies, but - 'Mikey, you could hold on to his! You could look after his wallet!' Yes, Voice, I was just going to say that. 'And you could take 10 per cent, as a handling charge.' I might even take 20 per cent. I'm sure Mr Paulson won't notice. Man, I've got a good feeling about this. I'm going to be rich!


I made a small breakthrough with My Heart last night. I found a better way of playing it. I didn't make a recording of the song, but that doesn't matter. I've still got to improve my guitar playing anyway. As I've said before, a great song needs a great recording, and I'm getting closer to that now. / It's my birthday soon. I'm going to make one of my infamous fresh starts. A lot more jamming on the guitar, just like Bob Marley. ('Don't you need other people to jam with?' I am other people. 'Me?!') And one more song, maybe. 'Will you be ready after Easter, Mikey?' You never know, Voice. The important thing is: I'm making progress, son. 'Yeah, man.' I am turning my life around, but it's like turning around a fucking oil tanker.