Monday, 15 April 2013

Paulson Partners Premium will ... do away with income taxes - ?!

Oh, what?! What is John Paulson up to now? 'He's crazy, man.' Mr Paulson is launching a new hedge fund, some crazy-ass Paulson Partners Premium shit, right? 'Yeah, Mikey. And what about the taxes?' Voice, his clients won't have to pay any goddamn taxes! Never! 'Never again?!' No. 'That's crazy, man.' You're telling me.

How it's all going to work out though, nobody knows. It's a big secret. Well, for the time being. But next week, NEXT WEEK, Mr Paulson is going to be giving a lecture at his offices and all will be revealed. 'Is he still moving to Puerto Rico, Mikey?' He doesn't have to now, does he? Not with this revolutionary tax-free hedge fund. 'Christ! These are exciting times we're living in, man.' Tell me about it.


I've got a new guitar! A Yamaha acoustic. It's a beautiful thing, really. Not as loud as my old one, but better in every other way. It's made me more enthusiastic about practicing.

There's bad news, however. My latest recording of My Heart is too rough and a bit irregular in its pace. So I will have to do it again. Never mind. It will sound better on the new guitar anyway. At least I have an arrangement for the song that works now. / It doesn't matter that I've recorded it five hundred times. Wax on, wax off, yeah?

I'll need to get a keyboard soon. I've seen a good Yamaha one at a reasonable price.


Lunch? Just a cheese sandwich with some onion in it. Nothing to get excited about. I'm having a strawberry yoghurt as well.