Thursday 30 October 2014

Lawrence Herzing has been charged with wire fraud

'Who is Lawrence Herzing?!' Man, Lawrence Herzing is some cat over in America who used to work for Contrarian Capital Management. He was the controller. 'And what is Contrarian Capital?' Christ, Voice! Please! Er, well ... established in 1995 by Jon Bauer, Janice Stanton, and Gil Tenzer, Contrarian is a distressed investing specialist. Are you happy now? 'It's the readers that matter, boss.'

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. I always struggle with the third post on a Thursday. Er ... / 'Come on, Mikey! You can do it. How much money did Lawrence get?' The authorities claim he transferred $12 million to himself from the hedge fund. 'What does Lawrence say about it?' I don't know. Maybe it's all a big misunderstanding. 'Yeah.' It will all come out in court, I'm sure.


Pub tomorrow. I haven't been for three weeks because of the flu. I'm over it now.

Writing this blog, playing the guitar ... I don't know where I get the energy from. I'm practically a superman!

I'll do some recording this weekend. I mean, enough is enough! The recordings don't have to be perfect. They just have to seem reasonably professional. I think my guitar playing is up to the required level. I can't practice forever.

But I'm not making any promises ...