Thursday, 8 August 2019

Guess what ...

Yeah, obviously ... it's the last post of the week, dear reader(s), sure, BUT(!) ... it's also the last post where I will discuss personal stuff and music. Seriously. Except maybe the conceptuals. Anything can go in those posts.

I need to be more disciplined. Not just in this blog, which is actually a financial blog, ha! ... but in my life, you dig?

I'm not sure about the TV now. I might pack it in again. I mean, yesterday I watched Quincy, Minder, The Professionals, and The Sweeney. I didn't really enjoy them though. Not like I used to. The problem is, my consciousness has changed ... a bit ... but, uh ... not enough. You dig? I need to finish the job. How? Well, I need to pick a motivational audiobook and stick to it. / Take my advice, kook(s): if you keep switching books, you're going to fuck your brain up.

And music? My music? Listen! I've got to choose. To finish my new song, or to continue rehearsing the songs for my demo. Or ... to do both at the same time. I don't know.

The fact is, we've got too many choices in life. You too! How do you choose, son? Daughter. Tell me!

Ah, never mind. I'll play some tunes now.

Angels. Robbie Williams. / This is a song I left off that world-beater song list by living writers (12th June) ... uh, by mistake, like. I know Robbie ain't too cool, man, but the song is what it is. [The writing of it was a bit controversial. There's an Irish guy who had the original idea for the song, and wrote a lot of it, but he didn't get a writing credit. Or much money. He sold all the rights.]

By The Time I Get To Phoenix. Glen Campbell. / Awesome, and one of my favourites, BUT(!) ... I find the praise for songwriter Jimmy Webb a bit over the top at times. He wrote two great songs in the Sixties. Two. In the Sixties. Do you know what I mean?

Wichita Lineman. Glen Campbell. / Yeah, here's the other one.

[Well, well. Er ... Galveston is a pretty good Webb song, yes. But I'm not listening to it, no. Oh ... MacArthur Park is absolute gash, by the way. I'm certainly not listening to that shit! Christ!]

Rockin' Chair. Oasis. / One of their great B-sides. Listen! Certain artists promoting themselves on Twitter - oh, with record deals, some of them - have got to ask themselves why they can't write singles this good. This was a fucking B-side, man!

Okay, okay. Have a nice weekend. Won't you?