Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Batteries in Germany

Not the best title for a post, sure, but it's all I can think of. 'Boss, how about ... Loads of batteries for German cars ... ?' No.

BAAR, Switzerland - (14 January 2019) - Blackstone Resources AG ("Blackstone") is pleased ("Delighted") to announce the creation of Blackstone Research GmbH in the city of Erfurt in Germany.

This newly created firm will be wholly-owned by Blackstone. It will provide an important platform for the company to carry out further research and allow Blackstone to establish a substantial battery-production project in Germany. The aim is to manufacture the next generation of electric-vehicle batteries, close to where German auto manufacturers are based.

Okay, okay. PR email. So I suppose this is for German car companies that are looking to COMPETE with Tesla. Ha! Of course, Tesla makes its own batteries. / Now, how much money are we talking?

EUR 200 million will be invested into this new project, initially from Blackstone's own funds with the aim to garner further support from subsidies provided by the EU's research and development funds, and the German government at both a state and local level.


The company aims to have an initial capacity of 100 million battery cells per annum, which is the equivalent of 25,000 to 100,000 electric-vehicle batteries, during the project's first phase. Further phases will increase the production substantially.

Electric cars, man! Obviously, this is the future. One day all cars will be electric, thanks to our Elon. It's an historic achievement. / So, uh ... Erfurt? I mean, Eisenach?

Blackstone is currently looking at the optimal site for its battery manufacturing facilities. One location being considered could in the town of Eisenach, which sits 50 kilometres to the west of Erfurt. This would place the facility in close proximity to car manufacturer Opel and other Chinese-owned battery manufacturers.

Or, uh ... Braun ... Brunswick?

An alternative location could be Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Lower Saxony, Germany. A facility in this region would place it close to car manufacturer Volkswagen, which is set to invest heavily in battery production and R&D. The German government has also announced plans to potentially base one of two billion-euro battery production facilities in this region, which would be supported by a consortium of privately own companies. The aim of the initiative would be to help to produce all of European electric vehicle batteries by 2030.

FFS! They can't make their minds up!


Okay. Anything else, dear reader(s)? Oh, you bet! Listen. I've only been shifting my paradigm for one week, and I'm already seeing results. I mean, my behaviour is changing big time. And, strangely, even my performing of my music has improved. Yes, I approach it with more determination now. / The important thing to remember is ... it's not just about reprogramming yourself, man, your subconscious, like, it's also about keeping bad shit out of your subconscious. You've got to combine the motivational audiobook of your choice with reduced TV and other influences. (I recommend cutting out depressing music, too. Even melancholic music. So, sorry, Lenny boy, no Dress Rehearsal Rag from you. Sorry.) / By the way, it's Bob Proctor on YouTube who goes on about the paradigm shifting stuff. He tries to sell you things, but don't bother with that. Everything you need is free.

Oh, yeah ... if you're interested, of course. Maybe I'm just talking to myself. Well, it's your funeral, son. Daughter. You dig? Never mind.