Monday, 14 January 2019

Indoor farms

Okay, okay. Indoor farms. Sounds dodgy, man. 'Why, boss?' It just does, Voice. / Oh, it's a PR email, dear reader(s).

Bristol, United Kingdom - LettUs Grow, creator of advanced aeroponic technology for indoor farms, announced today it has secured £1 million in funding to build world-leading indoor growing facilities, to help feed the growing global population.

The UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK, has awarded the agri-tech company a grant of £399,650 to lead a £700,000 project - which will help increase food resilience and security in the face of climate change. LettUs Grow will work alongside ECH Engineering, industry leaders in controlled environment technology, and urban agriculture experts from Grow Bristol. This is alongside a further €100,000 from the Green Challenge and several additional research grants.

The grants came hot on the heels of the disruptive startup's most recent investment round, where they raised £460,000 from ClearlySo's extensive network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors, Bethnal Green Ventures, the University of Bristol Enterprise Fund II, managed by Parkwalk advisors, and angel investors. This funding has allowed the company to scale operations and drive forward product development to access a rapidly growing global market for efficient and sustainable farming technology.

Okay, okay. Maybe I had the wrong idea. I mean, it seems to be legitimate. 'Ha!'

By 2050, humanity must increase food production by 70% to feed over 9 billion people. Existing methods of agriculture will not be enough to feed this burgeoning global population with 25% less farmland, degraded soil quality, and an ever more unstable climate. Alongside this, most 'fresh' produce is imported out of season, often travelling hundreds of miles to reach consumers and resulting in colossal waste throughout the supply chain.

Nine billion people?! Are they serious?! 'Yeah, man.' Christ! / Elon, mate, get those fucking rockets of yours fired up! We need you, son.

Of course, it would be a good thing if everyone became a vegetarian like me. Hare Krishna!

Anyway, let's hear from this, uh ... Charlie Guy. 'Eh? What Charlie guy?' This guy, Voice. Charlie Guy. 'Charlie ... guy?!' Yes. 'Well, what's his surname?' That's his surname. 'That ... is his surname?' Yes. 'What is?' That. 'So his name is Charlie That?!' What? 'No, That.' No, Charlie ... what? 'His name is Charlie What?!' What? 'Charlie What.' Charlie Guy, Voice. What's so complicated? ‘Eh? Boss, just tell me, what's this guy's name?' Charlie Guy. 'Yes, this Charlie guy. What's his name?' Charlie Guy. 'Yes.' What? 'What's his name?!' No, no ... his name is Guy, man. Charlie Guy. 'What?!' Jesus H. - ! Look -

Charlie Guy, co-founder and Managing Director of LettUs Grow: "This injection of private and public funding into the company enables us to accelerate our innovative products to market and build one of the most technically advanced facilities for indoor growing in the world. The global agri-tech industry is very exciting right now, all stemming from the necessity to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of food production. We are fielding enquiries from all around the world from food producers and farmers who want to experience the benefits of our technology across a growing range of crops."

You see? 'Yeah, okay.' Ha! / Okay, okay. We'll let Matias Wibowo have the final word -

Matias Wibowo, investment manager at ClearlySo: "Innovation is critical to ensuring long-term food security and sustainability. Our investors see the value, both in terms of financial and environmental/social returns from tackling this systemic global problem. That's why they got involved in LettUs Grow. LettUs Grow provides the technological innovation piece to the vertical smart farming movement that is currently trending rapidly in the urban context."

Thanks, Matias!



Anything else? Music? My music? I did some rehearsing yesterday. It went really well. I mean, really well. 'Great, Mikey! Why didn't you record then?' Anxiety. 'FFS!' Listen, son, I don't feel like recording at the moment. I just don't want to. 'Oh.' However, my strings have got thirty-three hours on them now, and the freshness has gone. They're still good enough for recording. So ... maybe Wednesday. 'If you leave it any later than that, you'll have to change the strings again.' So be it! It's only money, man.

I actually had a pretty normal day yesterday, dear reader(s), just to see if I miss it, like. I don't.

Well, do I? / I, uh ... I just don't know.

Laters, yeah?

Well, not yet. NO!!! I'm not finished yet.

I should feel confident, kook(s). My songs and my performance of those songs are ... TEN TIMES(!!!) better than the 2016 demo. Uh, January 2016. You might remember. [I've taken it off the internet.] But ... I just don't know. You dig?

Listen! Maybe I'm worried about leaving my old life behind. I mean, it's quite comforting, in a way ... watching TV, listening to music, blogging, following Elon's adventures, eating takeaway muck, walking in the park, drinking in the pub, staring at the river, daydreaming, reading that Dylan Jones book on Bowie, going to Chiswick, going to Richmond, and Hyde Park, listening to The 10X Rule, playing my guitar ...

I think I'll watch that Backbeat film tonight, to get my head straight, like. 'Is that allowed, boss? Watching a film.' Er ... after ten in the evening it is, yes. YES - !!!!

Right. Laters!