Thursday, 3 January 2019

I know you like golf

Well, well ... / Yes, I know you like golf, dear reader(s). I have no idea why. 'It's relaxing, boss, after a hard week of managing funds.' Yeah, maybe, Voice. I wouldn't know. I watched Tiger Woods on TV when he was in his prime, but that's about it. Frankly, I don't like golf. I don't like any sport. I don't see the point. 'So why do people keep sending you these sporty PR emails then?' Christ knows! Maybe they're trying to wind me up. But it's all right. I know a lot of my readers like sport. And I know they're crazy about golf, so ...

In 1997 Benross's CEO Jon Everitt set out with a singular vision: to launch a sports brand that would produce top quality golfing equipment, without the prohibitive price tag. Twenty-one years later, the golf brand has grown to become the largest golfing manufacturer in the UK. It remains privately owned and has become synonymous with quality and appeal. Now it is poised for European growth with a £2M boost to working capital funds from Independent Growth Finance, IGF.

Okay. Golfing equipment. Whatever.

Benross has spent two decades establishing itself in the European market and gathering a loyal following. The much-admired brand closed 2017 with 45 percent revenue growth that has continued into 2018. This has fuelled the management's ambition to seize and cement the company's position as the largest independently owned golf manufacturer in Europe. Significant investment has already been made in new product development, sales and marketing, workshop and head office talent. But more funding was needed to continue to grow at speed and work towards the objective of European market leadership.

Okay, okay. There's a lot of this, unfortunately. Uh. Actually, I only got four hours' sleep last night. 'Let's hear about the financing, boss.' Eh? Oh, all right.

"As an equipment manufacturer working capital is paramount," Jon Everitt continues. "Ernst & Young helped us look for a working capital funding partner. IGF stood out. We chose IGF as they offered the best combination of stock levels and invoice discount financing, £2m in total, with consideration of fee rates. Previously we only had invoice discounting with Barclays, but at less favourable rates. IGF took their time to understand our business, our challenges and opportunities and importantly our ethos."

Yeah, yeah, Jon continued. I, er ... cut out the first bit. You didn't miss much, reader(s). 'Ha! Let's hear more about that firm, the IGF, boss.' What?! The IGF?! This is golf, son, not football. You don't get hooligans in golf. 'Christ! Here it is, reader(s) -'

Independent Growth Finance Ltd (IGF) has been funding the working capital and growth aspirations of UK SMEs since 1997. IGF works with businesses with a turnover of £1m to £100m with finance provided, predominately on a secured basis. Founded on expertise, IGF is a leading independent commercial finance provider with a national presence. IGF has a strong entrepreneurial culture and knows what it takes to build and grow a successful business.

Oh, I see. Finance firm. Right. I didn't read the email properly. 'Or at all.' Yes. / IGF? My memory ...


Anything else? Music? Er ... my music?! All right. I'm mentally preparing myself to record my songs before the strings go off. I reckon I should try for "great" recordings rather than "perfect" ones. I mean, listen to Steely Dan. Those guys had a reputation for perfect recordings, but you can just imagine them wearing white laboratory coats in the studio. [Well, I can, anyway.] It's all a bit sterile, you dig?

Er ... that new tune of mine? I've been singing gibberish to it, man, and it definitely needs to be about a girl (woman!), with her name in the title, like. So, uh ... 'Oh, not again, Mikey!' Shut up, Voice! 'For fuck's sake! Not Gilly!' Who?! No, not her. But listen! The song needs to be about a girl (woman!), you dig? 'Okay.' I've got to trust my instincts. Maggie works well. However, there are a few famous songs about her - whoever she is - and I don't actually like the name, so ... I don't know.

Well, uh, have a nice weekend, kook(s). I'll be working hard, of course. You can play your bloody golf. 'Laters!' Yeah, bye!