Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Gig economy workers are getting payslips

Well, well ... / Well, that's nice, ain't it? First, they get pay. And now they've demanded payslips as well. 'Where will it all end, boss? These people are out of control!' Yes, Voice.

Nearly 300,000 workers will receive payslips for the first time this week.

Yes, dear reader(s), it's a PR email.

Today(uh, yesterday) a new law comes into effect that ensures all workers, including those who are freelance and work on zero hour contracts, will receive payslips that detail the number of hours they have worked. This will make it easier for freelance employees to keep track of their payments and make sure they are being paid the correct amount.


ETZ Payments have long identified the need for change in the way that gig economy workers are being paid and have introduced a new back office software that will allow recruitment agencies to pay flexible workers on the same day with no transaction fees. This is part of ETZ Payments' vision to give flexible workers the most control over their work and finances, allowing for high-level professionals to maximize their workload outside of the traditional 9-5. ETZ Payments serve over 30,000 contractors a year, contributing £2.4bn to the UK economy per annum.

Obviously, this is all great, but ... NO ONE SHOULD BE WORKING IN THE GIG ECONOMY - !!!

Okay, okay. What actually is the issue with the UK gig economy?

The Issue With UK Gig Economy

The gig economy is rife with inconsistent and late payments for contractors regardless of what industry they are in. One cause of this irregularity is the charges that employers face when they use third-party recruitment agencies. These charges dissuade employers from making regular daily payments that benefit the contractors they hire. A recent study into work satisfaction found that 73% of gig workers were willing to leave marketplaces if they were unsatisfied with the way they were being paid. Half of these freelancers also complained that the marketplaces they use, such as Uber, have not done a satisfactory job when it comes to payments. Half of those surveyed indicated that gig work was their primary source of income. This highlights the seriousness of the issue if they were willing to leave their current place of work even when it was their main means of financial support.

That's one way of looking at it. Personally, I think the issue is ...


Let's hear from Nick Woodward -

Nick Woodward, CEO of ETZ Payments, commented on the announcement, "This is a step in the right direction for gig economy or flexible workers, but the system is still too slow and archaic. For those who are being hired through an agency, transaction fees are a substantial burden. By reducing or eliminating fees by using 21st century technology, ETZ Payments offers flexible workers faster payments, making it easier for them to plan their finances and also making the gig economy a viable option for the critical mass of society."

Right. Thanks, Nick. / ENDS.


Anything else? Music? 'You don't write about music no more, boss.' Shut up, Voice! / So, music, dear kook(s)? I'm still shocked by that David Gray song, Fugitive, not getting into the top one hundred when it was released as a single. 'Crazy!' I'm just glad that I've got two ultra-commercial songs, This World Don't Mean a Thing and Stella. / Actually, the most exciting and hooky part of Stella was the bit that came to me during my brief blackout. It makes me think that maybe ... God really is on my side. 'The devil has all the best tunes.' Pardon? 'You know, boss, that old saying.' Yes, but what are you saying, Voice? 'Nothing.' Don't take the piss, man. The devil wouldn't give me the tune for such an awesome love song, would he? 'No, I suppose not.' It's not Highway to Hell. 'No.' Get a grip!

What else? Brexit? Ha! It's amazing how many Brexiters are saying that Brexit has been messed up and that it will be a disaster now. Man, I knew it three years ago! It was always going to be like this. FFS!