Monday, 22 March 2010

Steven Frieberg will become the new CEO at E*Trade

Oh, I'm so happy for him. I mean, he needed this. He was at Citigroup for thirty years or so! Yes, Steven Frieberg will start at E*Trade at the beginning of next month. I'm sure he’ll fit right in.

I have been speaking to Robert Druskin (the current CEO, just days to go!), and he told me: 'Michael, we are delighted to welcome Steve to lead E*Trade into its next phase of growth, into its future. (How do you see the firm's future, Bob?) Well, for E*Trade - and I'm still going to be chairman of the board - the future is going to be so bright we will have to wear astral shades. (Really? So you're no stranger to the astral plane, then?) Mike, I am as strange a stranger as you can get, but I'm no stranger to the astral plane. What did you say, one time? "You shall become strangers to those who know you." Remember that? (Yeah.) Let me tell you, Mike, that shit struck a chord with everyone at E*Trade. We all became strangers to those who knew us. And it worked a treat. That's why we're bouncing back now.'

Good luck to them.