Thursday, 18 July 2013

Liam Spillane has joined Aviva Investors

Yes, Liam - "Mickey", to his friends, and his enemies, and the cops, and the dames - has got himself a job at Aviva Investors. 'What's he doing, Mikey?' Man, Mickey is working as some sort of emerging market debt currency portfolio manager. 'Oh. Sounds exciting, man.' Does it?! 'Well ...' I'm sure Mickey would rather be a hard-boiled detective, plugging someone with his .45. 'Yeah, but we can't all have the lives we want, boss. Mickey has done the right thing going to Aviva Investors.' I don't know, Voice. I think people should push themselves to live the dream. You only get one life, you know. 'Daniel James is happy.' Who gives a shit about Daniel James?! We're talking about a man's life here, his dreams. Mickey doesn't want to work in finance. I mean, why doesn't he use his real name, Liam? Think about it, Voice. 'So what do you suggest?' I could put a spell on him. 'Yeah?' Why not? I could get him to behave like the private dick he really wants to be. Aviva would soon sack him. Then he'd be free to fulfil his destiny! 'I'm not sure, Mikey.' Well ...

I suppose "Liam" won't thank me for interfering. I'll think about it for a few days. / You never know, dear reader(s), Mickey might decide for himself that it's time to become a real man.


Lunch? What do you think? Cheese sandwich. It's always cheese, or egg. I'm not a very imaginative vegetarian. So what? I like what I like. Tomorrow, I'll be having a big ploughman's sandwich in the pub down by the river. But that's another story ...

After lunch? It's got to be No. 135. 'Boss, you could write No. 136, just to freak everyone out.' No, that would be cruel.