Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Who the hell is Euan Munro?

Let me tell you, dear, lovely reader(s). He's yet another chief executive of Aviva Investors. 'Oh God! John Misselbrook didn't last long, did he, man?' Well, Euan isn't taking over until January next year, so John still has a chance to make an impression. 'What's the point, Mikey? If I were John, I'd just be pissing about now. I wouldn't bother doing any work.' Yeah, that's you all over, isn't it, Voice? John, Mr Misselbrook, is a fucking professional! 'All right, don't get upset.' Fucking useless intern, you are. Where's all the research on this story you were supposed to do? 'You don't pay me, man.' And? You're an intern. Interns are rotten, miserable slaves! They don't deserve any fucking money.

[Sorry, reader(s). / It's this cubital arm stuff that's getting me down, making me bad-tempered. / I want to play my guitar. I've got songs to write. I mean, I'm not going to get my dream home in Malibu by writing this blog, am I?]

I want research!!! / 'You want research, Mikey? Here's some research.' - Euan Munro said, "I'm in heaven when you smile, and I am joining Aviva because I see a clear opportunity to unlock the potential of Aviva Investors, a well established business with impressive scale and significant investment talent. Aviva Investors' proven investment capability means that it is well placed to meet the growing demands from the institutional market for income with low volatility."

Yeah, right. He's not Jackie Wilson, Voice! 'I know, man. I couldn't resist the first bit.' Thanks, anyway. At least it makes Euan seem a bit more colourful.

[Malibu or Beverly Hills. I haven't decided yet. 'You leaving the country?!' I might, Voice. I'll be like Dudley Moore in "10".]

[Better than Harry H. Corbett in ...]