Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Richard Templer and Bruno Fumach

Who the hell are these guys?! ... you're probably wondering, dear reader(s). [Or maybe you're wondering.] Ha! Well, don't get upset. It's just a PR email, and Richie and Bruno are just two harmless guys who have got a new job. 'Are they sharing the job, boss?' No, Voice. They've got a job each. 'Oh, okay.' At Astarte Capital Partners. 'Great!' Yeah.

Astarte Capital Partners, the alternatives co-investment platform, today announces the appointments of ex-Hermes manager Richard Templer, and former Santander VP Bruno Fumach, to its team in London.

Er, that was yesterday. Not today. Sorry. 'Why didn't you do this post yesterday?' Christ! Because I was writing about pasties and lager and exciting stuff like that, man.

Richard Templer joins as Finance Director, while Bruno Fumach joins as Investment Director. The two new hires bring with them 24 years of combined experience.

And I was writing about music, too. / If anyone's interested, the Lennon world-beaters are Imagine and A Day In The Life. I know that McCartney worked on the latter, but its greatness is mostly down to Lennon.

In less than five years, Astarte Capital's global team has grown to include more than 20 professionals from 11 countries. Its offices are based in five locations, including London, Zurich, Sydney, Toronto and New York, and span three continents: Australia, Europe and North America.

So, they're expanding. [No Peckham though.] That's all right, ain't it? / Now, what does Stavros say? 'Kojak's brother?!' What?! No! Idiot! Dr Stavros Siokos. 'Oh.' Ha!

Dr Stavros Siokos, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Astarte Capital Partners, says: "We are delighted to welcome two more highly experienced professionals to our London team, growing our global talent base. By coupling the exceptional wealth of experience available to us with the specialist knowledge of our individual asset operating partners, Astarte provides investors with institutional-quality real asset opportunities driven by megatrends such as demographics, smart cities and sustainability. With these hires Astarte continues to demonstrate its attraction to the brightest and best in the industry, which is a testament to the success we are achieving with our partners in this space."

Smart cities? What are they?! 'They're cities that are full of really clever people, boss. Like you.' Ha! No one's like me, Voice. I'm a spiritual aristocrat, remember? 'Well, maybe there are other spiritual aristocrats in London.' Yeah, right. I doubt it very much.

Okay, okay. We've got a bit more about the guys, and a bit more about the firm, but I'm not copying and pasting all of it, kook(s), so what do you want, the guys, or the firm? 'Do the guys, boss. Your readers might already be familiar with the firm.' They might be familiar with the guys. 'They're probably more familiar with the firm.' Whatever!

Richard Templer, Finance Director

Richard has gained 12 years of experience in the financial services sector, with roles in real estate, private equity and infrastructure teams. Prior to joining Astarte Capital Partners, he worked in a finance role at AMP Capital on the Global Infrastructure Funds.

Formerly, Richard managed the fund finance team of Hermes GPE, working across private equity and infrastructure fund structures. He also worked in the infrastructure and real estate finance team at Deutsche Bank.

Richard started his career at Mayfair Capital, a specialist UK real estate investment manager. He holds a degree in Zoology from the University of Durham and is a qualified accountant.

That's Richie taken care of. 'Now do Bruno.' All right! Be patient.

Bruno Fumach, Investment Director

Bruno joins Astarte with 12 years of experience from roles in structuring and execution equity and structured finance investment in the real asset space.

Most recently, Bruno was Vice President of Asset and Capital Structuring for Santander Corporate and Investment Banking in London. He joined the team in São Paulo, Brazil and was responsible for origination, structuring and execution of Santander's equity investment in the renewables and transportation asset sector.

Bruno was also part of the Project Finance team at Santander UK, where he focussed on major infrastructure projects and acquisition financing in the UK and Northern Europe.

That's not all there is about Bruno, but it's not fair him having more than three paragraphs. I mean, Richie only got three. 'Someone's taking the piss, boss. Why do the PR people favour Bruno over our Richie?' I don't know, Voice. Forget about it.

And ... ENDS, as they say in the business.


Anything else? Bob Dylan? Okay. I'm afraid he only has one world-beater, Like a Rolling Stone. I've revised my opinion of him in recent years. He'll always be the greatest lyricist, BUT(!) ... songs are words and music, you dig?

Also, lyrics are harder to write than music, BUT(!) ... a great piece of music is worth more than a great lyric. Sometimes when you have a really great piece of music it hardly matters what the words are. I can't imagine that the words to Noel Gallagher's Live Forever give Dylan any sleepless nights. Do you know what I mean?