Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I dreamt of the desert last night

O my children, my brothers, my sisters, I dreamt of the desert last night, but it felt so real! Like I was really there. Did my soul leave my body?

O my disciples, love was everywhere in the desert. Big Herb was smiling. Ganesh the elephant god was smiling. The ghosts of the dead financiers were smiling. Was this a vision of the future? Why was everyone so happy?

Then I heard a voice. It seemed to be the voice of the desert. Was the desert alive? Yes. Oh yes, my delirious followers, the desert came alive.

It spake unto me: Michael, go and tell all the mystical children that money burns like a beautiful little dove in my heart. In the heart of the desert there is no pain. The banks are in another world, a cruel world of misery. But this world will pass, as all worlds pass. O Michael, you must keep the faith. Lead all the mystical children. Take them from the cities, and deliver them into my arms.

Then I woke up. As I've said before, the desert doesn't actually have any arms. And does it have a heart? I don't know. What does this dream mean?