Monday, 27 October 2008

UniCredit: maybe I should talk to the leader in ETFs

Yeah, maybe I should. Maybe I should talk to Paolo Giulianini about trading availability across global time zones. Maybe I should talk to Enrico Camerini about style categories. Maybe I should talk to Oliver Kilian about volumes to suit all requirements. Maybe I should talk to Florian Lenhart about bid ask spreads. But I won't. Because I've got a life.

I want to swim with astral dolphins in an astral sea. Astraddle on the dolphin's mire and blood. Spirit after spirit! O Yeats, you knew what it was all about. Let me swim with your ghost, and with the dolphins, in a sea of liquid gold!

Halloween is nearly upon us. There is more to life than ETFs. I want an eternal midnight moment where I can lose myself in the ghostly embrace of a dead financier. Let them shower us with money! Who? All of them! All the dead ones who have kept a tight grip on their cash with a bony skeletal hand. Dance with the astral skeletons in the moonlight! Come Friday, we shall all be dancing. I will find us a space. A clearing. A desolate landscape. Big Herb will appear. He will bless us. No temples on Friday! We are going out into an empty land where only dreams can live. There will be no air for the living ones. We will have to die for a short time. And then be reborn. With new flesh, new energy, new power, and - above all - new money! Money that is so clean, so fresh - we will cry when we see it! When we wrap ourselves in it. It is coming. This Friday.