Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Andrew King, Michael McFall, Andrew Rimmington and the FSA (again!)

Yes, the Untouchables have been at it again, cleaning up the City! These characters are better than Batman and Robin. Now, I normally have harsh words for the FSA, because it seems to have a penchant for busting all my mates. Notably traders at Morgan Stanley. But today is different. Today, the Financial Services Authority went after known associates of the world's most demonic financier. Yes, Jack Pickles.

So, what have these guys been charged with? Well, Andrew King is/was Neutec Pharma plc's finance director. The FSA reckons he passed on information to lawyer Michael McFall. Mick then passed on information to Andrew Rimmington (another lawyer). Then they all bought some shares in Neutec Pharma. Or something like that. Insider trading! That's basically what we're talking about here. Or so the FSA claims. But the guys could be innocent. This all has to go to trial.

So, where does Jack Pickles come into the picture? Beats me! I was just jerking your chain. Jack doesn't fuck around with chump change. Admit it, dear reader, I had you fooled there for a moment.