Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chakras are whirling

Chakras are whirling, they swirling, and this is how we make money. The ancients did it. We can do it. The fire is within us, and the light. That is all we need. You know, some days I don't even need a story, man. Some days I just let the light lift me up to a higher plane. And I find it there. We find it together. We live it. This shit ain't a fantasy for us. That's what the cold earth wanderers don't understand. They cannot dig our love.

Chakras are whirling, gone flying, beyond our bodies. The night sky! That will do it every time. We don't need much to get all excited. Money burns for us. And we burn for money. Yes, we do. Have you seen Satan in the mirror? Have you seen Jesus? Did you see my face all sheeted up and shaded? Was Jack Pickles hovering there with an evil grin? Reality is all too much, yeah? Don't you think? Reality eats us. Will there be anything left? Fuck it! Who cares?

Chakras are whirling, down to the City, down to the banks. It is time to smack the square ones until they bleed. Yes, they will bleed for us, like passionate animals, all over the City! All over the world! Wall Street will get the vibrations. We are giving it to everyone. It feels like poison. It is a real pain. But they have not been adjusted yet. We will change them. Paint them with astral colours. Stain them with the juice of ghosts. They will not escape our love.

Look at it! Feel it!

I see it coming, and I feel it. Look!

Our love is like a storm of fire.