Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Introducing, introducing, introducing …

Ladies and gentlemen, shamans and mystics, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney!

With this launch they are combining their global wealth management business with another respected franchise to create the industry's new leader! Shape-shifting! A human to a wolf, or a fox, or a bat, or …

Morgan Stanley is committed. Its staff are committed. The less said about that the better.

Many people are rethinking how they manage their wealth. Many people are taking it into the desert and burying it in the mystic sands of their dreams.

We've rethought the wealth management firm!

Who said that? Never mind. Voices again.

Thinking and resources to fit the times!

Oh, don't mind me! It's only my fucking blog!

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney helps open doors to a wider array of financial products, independent money managers and capital markets. And when these doors are cleansed -

Okay, thank you. That's enough.