Monday, 22 February 2010

Antigone Loudiadis: is she close to Zeus?

That's what everyone wants to know. Does Antigone Loudiadis have an intimate relationship with Zeus?

O Master, I doubt very much that Ms Loudiadis has had any contact at all with Zeus.

Well, my child, when she was European head of sales for the fixed-income, currencies and commodities unit at Goldman Sachs she did a deal that helped hide all this Greek debt stuff. She's obviously well-connected.

Maybe. But not with Zeus. He's dead.

I beg your pardon?

Zeus is dead. No one worships him any more.

Okay. So who was I having dinner with just the other night?


No, Zeus! Zeus is a thought-form on the astral plane, or don't you know that?

Ah. That's not quite the same thing.

It's good enough.

Not really. A thought-form is a very poor substitute for a genuine god.

O my child, you can't be too fussy. Not in this day and age.

So what are you saying, O Master, that this thought-form of Zeus helped Ms Loudiadis with the Greek deal?

I'm saying, foolish one, that he has helped her with her whole career. She's the chief executive of Rothesay Life now. How do you think she got that job?

Through hard work! Come on, boss. Don't take the piss.

'A feast of flesh for keen-eyed carrion birds'!


Don't worry about it.