Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mehmet Sepil (£967,005!), Murat Ozgul (£105,240!), and Levent Akca (£94,062!)

What the fuck is the FSA up to now? Fining these three wonderful guys: Mehmet (chief executive of Genel Enerji), Murat, and Levent. All personal friends of mine. For what?

Insider trading! Oh, big deal! Whatever. Who cares? It happens all the time on the astral plane. So they made a bit of money out of Heritage Oil. Good luck to them!

'On 4 May 2009, Sepil, Ozgul and Akca flew to London together to attend a series of meetings. They also discussed the positive test results. The next day, they all contacted their brokers and purchased shares in Heritage.' Ah, that's from the FSA's website - here. They flew to London. That was their mistake. I mean, I presume Mehmet, Murat, and Levent (we're on first name terms) flew by airplane. If they had come over in their astral bodies and conducted their business the way shamans and mystics do, there wouldn't have been a problem. The FSA would have been completely in the dark. But get this: 'Three months after the trading Sepil, Ozgul and Akca voluntarily contacted the FSA expressing remorse and made certain admissions concerning the basis for their trading. At an early stage, all three individuals offered disgorgement of the profits they had made. The FSA recognises that none of the executives set out to commit market abuse. Their co-operation and early offer of disgorgement were also taken into account in determining the appropriate outcome.' Fuck me! That's how honest these guys are! I've seen a different side to them. And the FSA was in the dark all along, despite my Turkish friends' foolish disregard for the astral plane.

The moral of this story? The FSA needs to get a grip. And it definitely needs to discover what lies beyond. O Master, within? Yeah, or within. Of course, I wouldn't want that. Long may the FSA remain the home of cold earth wanderers.