Tuesday, 23 February 2010

FSA returning £270,000 to muppets (victims) of share fraud!

I am not sure I like this. The FSA will return £270,000 to various muppets who had their money ripped off by Rothman Capital, Bishop Capital, Bernam Shore, and Investor Relations Corp. Apparently, the muppets were forced to buy shares in a company called Eduvest Plc. And the shares were worthless. Of course, they weren't forced. Someone phoned them up and said 'buy these shares' and they said 'oh, okay'.

But why is the FSA returning the money? Shouldn't this money be allowed to find its own way through life? If it wants to remain in the bank account of a dodgy broker, why should the FSA interfere? I believe that money knows the way. Every banknote, every coin, has a destiny. Money is smart. People are stupid. Money knows the darkness. Money knows the light. Money knows fear, knows insanity. Money knows joy. People know nothing. Money can reach to heaven. It has been to hell. Money will live forever. You can trust money. You know where you are with money. Money feels good. Have you ever stuffed a burning banknote into your mouth? Have you ever given yourself that pleasure? Oh, you have not lived! You don't know. You don't know. You don't know. But money knows. Money knows. Money knows. Yes. Yes. Yes.