Monday, 1 March 2010

Anthony Lombardi has gone to HedgeMark International

Oh, it came as a shock to us all. We never imagined that Anthony Lombardi would leave Rose & Sky Investments to join HedgeMark International. Oh, we never imagined he would become head of managed account operations, did we? No, we never imagined. Oh, we never imagined. No, we never imagined.

'Who is the third who walks always beside you?'

There is another voice, joining us today. Another mystic dancer from the burning plane!

O my child, he is shy. He rarely speaks. But he never imagined. Like us, he never imagined that Anthony Lombardi would leave Rose & Sky Investments to join HedgeMark International as a raging head - no, not a violent head - a raging head of unmanageable account operations flying through an astral sky What is the difference between a raging head and a violent head? like a ball of flame, shot in the eyeball, blood on a crystal skull, trickling into our mouths, taste the ecstasy of money at work! Suck the skull!

Oh, we never imagined!!!

O Master, we never imagined!!!

No, we never imagined. We never fucking imagined the joy and the pain of the times that would come, crushing the awful humanity that we had grown rather attached to. Those days are gone! The days of humanity. We must look forward to the season of the gods! We are already there. We are there. We are here. Picking up the scent of perfumed, smoky gods. I will have to become a god. That is the only option now.

Oh, we never imagined!!!

DO NOT LIE! You degenerate idiot! You must have imagined that. Haven't I hinted enough? You don't even need imagination for this one.

O Master, we just need your words, your visions! There is the truth.

Here is the truth. Imagine this: we lose our bodies, our bones, our skin, our Oh, I don't have a body. What will I lose? Shut your mouth, your ghostly fucking mouth! I am trying to teach you something. We lose it all. The ones who have it all. We lose it. Someone like Anthony. He could lose it. Doesn't he strike you as the sort of man who could lose it? Oh, yes. You could see him one night, alone, in the desert, beneath an evil moon. You could see him crying. Oh, he has had enough! He wants to let go. He wants to lose it all. And we will help him lose it all. We could take it all. We could take him down. Yes, we could do that. We could do it. Actually, I think we will. We will take it all.

O Master, do you sometimes worry that you have gone too far?

O my child, what use would it be now, going back to the cold reality that I used to know? How would I fit in? They would consider me a freak. They would put me in a cage. They would tell me that I had gone too far. That my experiments with consciousness had led to insanity. No, I cannot return to the world of cold men, cold women. They are strangers to me, as I am a stranger to them. This is my destiny. The astral plane is my home.

For eternity!

Yes! Yes! Yes!