Thursday, 18 March 2010

Death is in your money

I do not care how much you have. Death does not care how much you have. He lives in your money. Death is your money. Your money will not save you. Your death will not take you higher. Unless you learn something. Try to learn something. Open your eyes. Open your soul.

This is not a joke. This is not bland bourgeois satire. I am not being paid a fortune to write this. I do not have a comfortable life. I am in hell. But I will continue. This will go on until the very end. You must understand. I want you to understand.

I am serious. This is all I have. You cannot stop me. But Death will stop you. Think. Try to think. See. Try to see. I want to help you. I am often weak. But I try to be strong. I am often sad. But I try to be happy. I am searching - for all of us! It is not a selfish thing. I am concerned about you.

Death is here. Kiss him. Fuck him.