Monday, 22 March 2010

Yvo van der Pol

How far will we wander in astral space today, with Yvo van der Pol? Where will he take us? He has joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Pepijn Heins leaves, and Yvo van der Pol joins! What are we to make of this? Is there a connection between these two souls?

If Pepijn is a sunflower in a garden of snakes, what is Yvo? And where will he take us?

I am an astral warrior. Yvo is a warrior! I will take you wherever you want to go. But you must look within. Pepijn is lost in that garden. He is lost in that sea. He is crying on those steps. And I took him to those places because -

Pepijn is free! He is not lost.

Pepijn is lost. He wanted to lose himself. And it was his destiny to lose himself.

How can he be in a garden and in a sea and on those steps all at the same time?

It is an astral mystery, for sure. I have no answer.

Oh, what are you, Yvo?

I am the sky. Yvo is the moon. Yvo is the sun. I am the air. I am the sea. Yvo is the garden. Yvo is the desert. Yvo is the city of flames. Yvo is the money. I am here.

Where will you take us?

Look within! I will take you there.

Fair enough.