Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Guillaume Rambourg suspended by Gartmore!

Oh, Guillaume Rambourg has been suspended by his firm, Gartmore! But who/what is he? I will not speak for him. Let Guillaume speak for himself -

Guillaume Rambourg is the man with the astral eyes. He is the one who has seen the unknown. He brought it all home. Home is where the unknown is. Guillaume Rambourg has seen it. He lives in the unknown. I am Guillaume. And I am unknown. Yes, it's true. You could not look at a man such as I, and say: ‘This is someone I know.’ That could not be said. No one has ever said it. No one will ever say it. And so I travel down life’s lonely highway, alone, but not afraid. Guillaume has no fear! Yes, he is alone. Everyone has a cross to bear. I do not complain. I am happy. Guillaume is happy. He is here. Here now. You would touch him if you could see him. But you cannot see. And you do not know.

Thank you, Guillaume. Just one thing: I can see you, and so can a lot of my readers.

Astral eyes?

Yes. Of course. What do you think we are?