Monday, 15 March 2010

Pepijn Heins

Oh, Pepijn Heins has left Goldman Sachs Asset Management! He has joined Eaton Vance! And he has something to say -

I think we all know what Pierre-Henri Flamand is. But what is Pepijn Heins? Do you ever wonder what I am, what I have become? Pepijn Heins is a swimmer surrounded by sharks in a sea of nightmares. Pepijn is a sunflower in a garden of snakes. Pepijn is Jesus, wandering. He is the voice calling you from the attic. He is the gentle breeze caressing your face, while Pierre-Henri would tear your face off! Pepijn is a lamb. Pepijn is a dove. Pepijn is that ragged child you have seen sitting on the steps outside. He is a duvet. He is a pillow. You can fall asleep in his mind. He will let you in. Pepijn is a feather. He is a silk scarf. He is a sip of champagne. He is the fire in your lover's eyes. Pepijn is here - oh, I am with you now! Do not be afraid. I love you, whatever you are. Pepijn is love. He loves money. Money loves Pepijn. Pepijn has stuffed his nostrils full of astral sand. Red sand aflame! A nose of fire! And Pepijn is a mouth. Words burn him. Pepijn is a heart. Too much passion! He is righteous. He is pure. He is free. Pepijn is free.

Thank you, Pepijn.