Friday, 12 March 2010

Bart McDade and Repo 105

Right, what's all this Lehman Brothers Repo 105 shit you're probably wondering? Am I right or am I right? Unless you think you know all about it. Well, you don't know shit. I'm the one who knows. I'm the one who has got his mystic head plugged into the astral plane - where all the information is.

Anton Valukas - he's the examiner for the bankruptcy court - has been looking into the Lehman affair and he has discovered some accounting bullshit cooked up by Lehman Brothers with the help of Ernst & Young that meant the bank was able to mask the size of its balance sheet. Bastards!

But it's Bart McDade I'm interested in.

O Master, who is Bart McDade?

O my child, Bart McDade was the Lehman executive/shaman who pumped everyone full of drugs!


I know. I know. It's crazy! And the thing is: I didn't know about Bart! Just found out. I had no idea Lehman had this guy - basically a madman, not even sure he's a real shaman - dosing his staff with this Repo 105.

Repo 105 is a drug?!

Yeah. That's what the man said. "Another drug we ran on." His exact words!

Another drug! What other drugs were they using?!

O my child, they were so confused. They were probably smoking tea bags at the very end. It was like the last days of Rome.