Monday, 15 March 2010

Christian Littlewood and his wife charged by the FSA!

Yes, Christian Littlewood, a senior investment banker (Shore Capital, Dresdner Kleinwort - but all in the past!) has been charged by the FSA with thirteen counts of insider dealing. See the FSA's website!

But there seems to be some confusion over his wife's name. She has also been charged. But what is her name? Is it Angie Littlewood? Is it Siew Yoon Lew? Or is it Angie Lew?


O Master, no! Surely Jack isn't impersonating women now! He's not that ... versatile, is he?

It's Christian I feel sorry for.

Bloody hell!

Only joking! O my child, I had you going there.

Jack won't like this!

Let him sue me.