Monday, 22 March 2010

Olivier de Givenchy: REJECTION!

Olivier de Givenchy is the head of JPMorgan's private banking operation in the UK. Apparently, he hired someone to talk to his team about rejection. I mean, they were in a dark place. And they had to know all about dealing with rejection. So whom did Olivier bring in?

Keith Busby! Yes, that's right, Keith. That freak has years of experience of rejection. I have been speaking to him. This is what Keith said: 'Mikey, Olivier and his gang at JPMorgan were in a dark place. 2005. Staff had left. Clients had left. They were facing disaster. Then they called me. (Fucking hell! Olivier must have been desperate.) Oh, he was. Think about it: who in their right mind would call me? Fortunately, Olivier was half insane at that point in time and he didn't care who came in to deal with the problem. (So what did you do, Keith?) What do you think I did? I went to work on their chakras and their auras. That's all I know. (But didn't you talk about rejection?) Mike, I tried telling them about my childhood. I tried telling them about Maggie. But they wouldn't listen. They were too wrapped up in their own misery. They were pretty cold towards me, I must admit. (They rejected you, Keith.) Yeah. Story of my life. But I fixed their auras and shit.'

Well, Keith must have got something right because Olivier de Givenchy and his crew are rocking right now.