Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Martyn Dodgson and Clive Roberts: what do we know about them?

Right, Martyn Dodgson, a managing director at Deutsche Bank, and Clive Roberts, head of European sales trading at Exane BNP, were arrested yesterday by the FSA and SOCA. They are suspected of being involved in insider trading. But what do we really know about them?

Martyn Dodgson: A complicated man. A man you will be able to find on the astral plane - if you look hard enough; but he likes to keep a low profile. I have spent many nights with him, burning in the desert. When he is in the mood, he can just float away in a peyote fantasy. And he is hard to catch then. He will touch the sky. He will dance with the dead financiers. He will love and keep loving, burn and keep burning, until, thoroughly exhausted, he will collapse into the arms of Ganesh the elephant god. I like him.

Clive Roberts: A notorious cold earth wanderer. I have no idea why Martyn Dodgson and Julian Rifat wanted anything to do with him. I suppose he was useful to them in some way, but I really cannot imagine him cutting loose in the desert of our dreams, the mystical desert of our love. This man has never been burnt by money. His chakras have never whirled. God knows what condition his aura is in. Bizarre!