Thursday, 4 February 2010

SEC pesters Paulson & Co for fund information

Okay. First, the good news: I've got a new laptop and I'm all ready to rock on the net again. Or I would be. Because the bad news is I've got swine flu. Or some kinda flu. But I feel like shit. That's the basic point I'm trying to get across to you muthas. So you will have to forgive me if this post doesn't make any sense because I don't know where I am and I don't know what I'm doing. What's new, eh?

The SEC wants some information from John Paulson! Can you believe this shit? John, mate, don't tell them a thing. Who are they to come to you when you're so busy making money? Have they ever had real jobs in their whole lives, any of them? But don't worry, John. Big Herb and I have got your back. We love you, John.