Thursday, 18 February 2010

The ignorant

Not knowing, not seeing, not feeling, safe in their offices, safe in their positions, safe in their bodies, even safer in their dull minds. Not burnt by words, not burnt by visions. Not fucked out of shape by improper emotions.

Not living in shit. Not living in poverty. Not struggling in any way whatsoever. They have not reached the extremes of human life. They have not been stretched. Dead inside. They feel alive. But that is an illusion.

Impressed by blandness. Impressed by superficiality. Impressed by phoniness. Impressed by civility. Impressed by convention. Impressed by spiritual death. They are the dead.

Not just the ignorant. These people are the dead. Not just the cold. These people are colder than death. Not just the dead. They are deader than dead.