Monday, 8 February 2010

Brevan Howard: Geneva but not the desert

A voice came in my head. Brevan Howard, Europe's largest hedge fund, is going to open an office in Geneva. Staff from London will be able to relocate there, if they choose. To escape mad taxes, mad regulations. That's if they choose. Geneva but not the desert.

O Master, shouldn't they just leave the earth?

They should. They should wander the astral sands of the desert of our dreams. There are no taxes at all. No regulations. No FSA. No SEC. No government.

O Master, there is Big Herb.

Yes, my child, there is Big Herb. There are the ghosts of the dead financiers. And I will be there. Waiting.

Waiting with open arms?

Of course. With an open soul as well. I will take the Brevan Howard boys and girls into my soul. They will merge. One.

You're becoming more like a god every day!

Yes. I am becoming more like a god every day. I am not afraid of my destiny. Lost in lonely nights, with no Gillian to comfort me, I sometimes feel as if I am floating off into another existence beyond the flesh and bones of my present one. But it is difficult to get back from such ...

Oh, who would want to get back?!

My child, I still have work to do, here on earth. I must convince people - even the cold earth wanderers.

Even the cold earth wanderers?! Are you serious?

Deadly serious. Brevan Howard must understand there is no profit in Geneva. No glory. No love. This hedge fund is looking in all the wrong places.

Will Brevan Howard ever find the way, O my Master?

The way might find them.

Is that possible?

Anything is possible.