Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Charles Awdry, Chris Burvill, Tony Lanning, Adam McConkey, Luke Newman ...

... Chris Palmer, Ben Wallace. These are some of the managers [poor souls] that Henderson Global Investors has been able to rescue from the wreck of the Gartmore.

I have been speaking to Henderson chief executive Andrew Formica. This is what he told me: 'Michael, it was the schooner Gartmore, that sailed the astral sea; and the skipper had taken his little daughter, to bear him company. (Eh?) Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax, her cheeks like the dawn of day, and her bosom - (Her bosom?) Listen, Mikey. The skipper he stood beside the helm, his pipe was in his mouth, and he watched how the veering flaw did blow, the smoke now west, now south. Then up and spake an old sailor, had sailed the Spanish Main, "I pray thee, put into yonder port, for I fear a hurricane. Last night the moon had a golden -" (All right, Andy, mate, that's enough of that. What's going on with Charles Awdry and the gang?) They're coming to Henderson. We saved them, man! (Do they want to work for Henderson?) Well, let's face it, they don't have much choice. They're lucky we want them. We could have left them behind, lashed to the helm, all stiff and stark, with their faces turned to the skies. (Yeah.) But we offered them jobs. (What condition were the guys in when you found them?) All stiff and stark. (Just that?) Well, the cruel rocks gored Tony Lanning, like the horns of an angry bull. But ... (You don't want to talk about it, do you?) Not really, Michael. I'm still upset.'

He's still upset! Imagine how the Gartmare lot are feeling.