Monday, 10 January 2011

Herve de Montlivault? I'm worried about him

Some disturbing news coming out of Credit Suisse in France. They say that Francois Essertel has replaced Herve de Montlivault as head of private banking. They also say that Herve will now be servicing private clients across the world. Whatever that means.

Oh dear. And it was all going so well, for a while. Stints at Citibank and Credit du Nord. He was director of JP Morgan Private Bank in France, believe it or not. A brief spell in the desert, where he was lost. Then Credit Suisse.

Maybe he will get lost again. I'll take him back out there, if he wants me to. Anything would be better than ... I can't say it. I don't even want to think about it.

O Master, what do you want to think about? What will make you happy?

I want to think about my song.

Haven't you finished that blasted thing yet? How long does it take to write a silly pop song?

O my child, I'm a perfectionist. I abandoned it, actually, before Christmas. But I'm trying to make it work again. I don't think it's going to be a total classic. But it'll be very good. I need a few more lines.

It must be difficult writing this 'Stacy-Marie' song when you don't really have any feelings for the girl. We all know how you feel about the other one.

You're right. I mean, Stacy-Marie is a fit bird and everything, but it's hard faking the emotions, you know. I just hope I can find a way.

O Master, you always find a way. You're famous for it.

Pop songs are supposed to be superficial, aren't they?

Of course they are. Stop worrying so much.

Yeah, I'll stop worrying. But not about Herve.

Forget him! He's not your responsibility. For crying out loud! Half these characters don't care whether you live or die. You're not Jesus H. Christ. You can't save everyone, man.

I suppose not.