Thursday, 6 January 2011

What you think you doing?

What you think you breathing for? Why you living? Why you here, reading? And when you go back, what you working for?

This is plain English. No frills. No thrills.

There is a way out. I'm looking for it. What you looking for?

I can't write about banks and hedge funds right now. I don't wanna disappoint anyone. I don't wanna let anyone down. I know you need to know. You reckon it's important. Something is always important to someone.

I won't be spending ninety hours on this post. Not that you care. If I wasn't doing this, I guess I would be dangerous. This keeps me off the streets.

I know you. I really know you. I know you so well. I know you. You. You. You.

How does it feels, being you?

I could laugh. I feel sick. I could meet you after work. Call me, I'll be there.