Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chunlai Yang charged with stealing proprietary source code

And I'm not worried about it at all because it doesn't affect me. Chunlai Yang is - or was - an employee at CME Group. A computer programmer, (they say) he had the great idea of stealing some proprietary software and passing it on to a Chinese start-up. Whether he did it or not, I don't know. I'm sure the courts will decide. They're good at that sort of thing.

CME Group, by the way, is the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. That's all right, ain't it?


It's raining. What a lovely summer!

And in other news, who gives a shit? Am I right, or am I right? I know what the squares will say. 'Mr Fowke, this is a financial blog, covering banks, hedge funds, and the markets. You have a responsibility to your readers.' Yeah, well, maybe when I'm dead I'll have the enthusiasm for it. This isn't the place for mindless news. I go deeper than the news. The news is a starting point, the gate to hell. I smashed that gate down years ago ...

The meaning of money. The evil of poverty. The ache for wealth. The choice - money or love? [Can't you have both?] How a demon loves an angel. Oh, how! That's the only news I want, Angel News. That's the only news I can stomach, The Angel Times. [Yes, one day. I believe in her.] I hack into people's souls. The collapse of Western capitalism. The collapse of Western society. Who knew? I didn't. I just fell into it. Or maybe I was guided[?]. It's possible. All this could be out of my control. My mind is opened, by a power, to it, and it pours in[?]. My soul is opened, by an awesome power, to it, and I am overwhelmed. It would explain the pain. It would explain a lot of things.

It is raining. What a lovely life.