Thursday, 14 July 2011

Karim Moussalem has joined Guy and Rambourg at the mysterious hedge fund

I don't think they will be calling it The Roger Guy Experience. I have no idea what the hedge fund will be called. No one does. That's why it's so mysterious. Anyway, Karim Moussalem has joined the firm now. Moussalem was a big noise at Goldman Sachs - head of cash trading, or something really impressive like that. God knows what he'll be doing at Guy Rambourg Capital. I don't think they'll be calling it Guy Rambourg Capital. I wish these characters would pull their fingers out. Time is money, after all.

I think it's based in Paris. Or will be. Maybe I should fly over there, you know, pay a little visit to Roger and Guillaume, and bang their fucking heads together. The problem - as I see it - is that we're not dealing with alpha males. They need someone to take charge. I mean, someone with a bit of testosterone, a pair of balls, like. Do they have a chief executive yet? Oh, I might be interested. I might. And I know I would be able to come up with a decent name for the hedge fund, what with my being so creative and everything. Actually, no, no, no - NO! To tell you the truth, seriously, I don't want to be their chief executive. I've got better things to do with my time than to wet-nurse a couple of losers. However, I could be a consultant, for a while. A week or so, just to straighten them out. £20,000 a day should cover it. Plus expenses: a nice hotel room, etc.

Call me, lads! You won't regret it.