Monday, 4 July 2011

Credit Suisse has a problem with offering prime brokerage to hedge funds

Well, start-up hedge funds. It seems Credit Suisse wants hedgies who have proved themselves in some way. I was hoping I wouldn't have to get involved with something like this, so early on a Monday morning. It's the start of the week and already I'm dealing with people who seem to have it in for the capitalist system. Just give them the goddamn services they want! They ain't proved themselves because they ain't done nothing yet. How can anyone expect young hedgies to have a track record in investment and an understanding of infrastructure and a good business sense when those hedgies may have only just got started on solid foods? They ain't done nothing yet! Give them a chance to prove themselves. How about that for an idea? The whole world has gone freakin' insane! Is this how they built America or Great Britain or Iceland? This is no way to do business.


It's going to be another bad week, I can tell. My three-hundredth fresh start will be delayed. Next week, now. It's a psychological "thing" I have. When I'm working, I quite often get the feeling that I'm missing out on life, that I'm dead, almost. But when I stop working, I just waste my time. I don't do anything useful. Surely that's the real missing out, the real death? I read recently that Bill Gates used to sleep under his desk. I don't have a desk. Maybe I should sleep under my bed. No, let's do things properly. I'm going to buy a desk. Then I'm going to sleep under it. That will give me the feeling or the impression that I'm achieving something. By the way, I'm listening to two Donovan songs on repeat at the moment. Hurdy Gurdy Man and Atlantis. Two classic songs, both used brilliantly in films. Talking of films, I'm going to watch Chinatown later on today. It's a film so perfect you can just get lost in the reality and the atmosphere of it.

I know that posts like this are a mess, where I start off writing about banks and hedge funds and end up with songs and films, and my personal problems. It won't last. I AM GOING TO SORT MYSELF OUT. I promise you. I think some of you actually like all this anyway. It makes me seem more human, doesn't it? Not such a great shaman on his way to becoming a god. Just a fucked-up person, like you - maybe? Like everyone, let's face it.