Thursday, 21 July 2011

I am "The News"

I am "The News". I understand, at last. I am "The News". There's nothing to be afraid of. My workers are working overtime to keep me up to date. It all flows through me, in and out. From the unholy in the dark to the holy in the light. I am a transformer. It's my job. I never asked for it. We all have a destiny. This is mine.

The drudges are lost. "The News"? They have no understanding of it. Literal minds is a tragedy. That's why I'm needed. To make sense, with my visions. It's my way. To give it grandeur, with my spirit. Exciting times? Oh yes, indeed, but no one will read the workers' words in a hundred years. That's why I got the job.

Hedge funds and banks; with their souls, the hedgies and the bankers. They have names. They will not be forgotten. They are deeply human. It’s hard to believe. I’ve been feeling so low, worrying about the reasons, the methods, the routines, the results. All I need is the emptiness and then the fullness will come ...

... It’s a big drop for reality to my body in its space. “The News”! It comes in through my eyes, my ears - my mouth! I am a whale, hungry for news. I am a tiger. I’ll rip the news from their minds, and their hearts, if they take too long. What’s the latest? Tell me, workers. Feed me. Who died? Who was born? Who made a buck? Who lost a fortune?

I am "The News". It's such a power. I am "The News". It lets me own the world. It lets me own the reality that falls like an apple from a tree. Nothing is out of reach when it comes to you. There's no suffering when you know what you are. Pain passes you by once you've reached the end. And I'm only beginning at the end. My life isn't a mystery any more.