Tuesday, 5 July 2011

John Paulson makes $550 million from his Lehman bonds

Oh, some good fortune for John Paulson at last. After all his recent losses, it turns out that he's made $550 million from bonds he bought in Lehman Brothers. A beautiful, wonderful fortune. Didn't he lose money in a Chinese forest recently? I don't keep up with the news much these days. Not since life became complicated. Since my consciousness expanded so much I'm having trouble keeping it all inside. Since I left the desert and killed the gods and ghosts but discovered a new me, a bigger me. I still try to keep one eye, a little, on the news, one eye on the cosmos, BUT NOW: one eye on myself (as well) as I change into something else. It may not even be a savage god. I'm just going to go with the flow. The river of life. The trip to death. The dream of overcoming. The nightmare of being stuck. Possibly ... somewheres in between, neither sha/man nor god, a freak of nature. 'He went so far. He couldn't get back. But he didn't reach his destination. He got tangled up in words and images. No one knows the meaning of it. Does God have a plan?' That's what they will say. The ones who like to read. The passive ones. The ones who want to be entertained. They demand it. I'm their monkey.


So, I watched Chinatown yesterday. Got lost in it, for a while. I also watched a few episodes of This Life. I also watched Rambo: First Blood Part II on ITV. What an idiot that guy is! A total buffoon. Running around, grunting, shooting people. They're a far more civilized bunch in This Life. A bit politically correct, of course, but still ... it wasn't a bad TV series, was it? Lawyers are a funny lot. I once did a bit of work at Matrix Chambers. Can't talk too much about it. There was this solicitor by the name of ******. I called him ****** the friendly solicitor. I mean, he was a nice guy and everything. I was only there a couple of days. I didn't bump into Cherie. But I read the Daily Mail during my lunch breaks - just in case, like.

I'm glad my days of slavery are over. It's nice being free. It's just me and my laptop and my guitar now. That's the way I like it. I don't know what the future holds. One day at a time, sweet Jesus.