Thursday, 28 November 2013

Andrew Wang and Redstar Auspicious Capital Management

Andrew Wang is a bit confused. (Which is all right, I suppose. We all get confused, don't we?) He lives in Hong Kong, and he's Chinese. That's fair enough, you're thinking. But he likes to speak Japanese for some reason, and he wants his new hedge fund, Redstar, to invest in both China and Japan. Dear oh dear. Why can't he focus on just one thing, one country, at a time? It's going to be a lot of work. / Obviously, he's very ambitious. He used to be a trader at Goldman Sachs. (That wasn't enough for him. Most people would be happy with a nice career at Goldman.) Oh, and he wants $50 million or $100 million - if you've got any spare cash on you, dear reader(s). Not $75 million. Or $150 million. Don't waste Andy's time. He's in a rush.

Well, I hope it all works out for him. / A few years ago I would have danced all over the shop, ecstatically, and maybe banged a drum to help Andy, but I've changed. Those days are over. He'll have to settle for a conceptual blog post, No. 174. / Note: These conceptuals, they can be very powerful if you use them the right way. Don't just get a-ROUND. Go beyond the THREE, you dig?


No, I don't have a drum. I've got a guitar. / My demo? Man, it's a pain in the arse, trying to make these recordings. I'll have to get my guitar playing up to a much higher standard if I want my songs to sound half decent. / I want to be finished by Christmas. ('Dream on, Mikey!' Shut up, Voice.) It'll be nice to take a week off at Christmas - from blogging as well - and just listen to my songs in the knowledge that I've smashed it and that no one in the world can touch me. / Noel Gallagher must have had that feeling in '93/'94 when Oasis were signing with Creation Records and making Definitely Maybe. / Or maybe not. Oasis had problems with recording, too. Noel must have been proud of the songs though.