Wednesday, 20 November 2013

News about some product directors? / William Deer and Mitchell Fraser-Jones are leaving Invesco Perpetual

Shame. / They're upset about Neil Woodford leaving Invesco, you see, so they want to go too. ('Shit, man!' Why do you care?) Apparently, Willy and Mitch are going to pursue other opportunities. 'Oh, we've heard that before, Mikey. What do you think, cave or hut?' Er, probably a hut, Voice, in a forest. 'What, together?!' Maybe. You never know. They both worked on the UK equities desk. I've been told they're very close. 'Bosom buddies, like?' Yeah.

I wish them all the best. I don't know if they're cut out for the forests and the solitude. Time will tell, I suppose. 'In the old days it would have been the desert. Astral nights, the works.' Don't get all sentimental on me, Voice.

Nick Mustoe, chief investment officer, ain't worried. 'No?' No. He wishes Willy and Mitch all the best as well. / Nick knows the solitude, but not the forests. 'The desert?' Of course. He's old school. He's a top financial shaman, and one of my best friends -

Sand was pouring out of my mouth. I couldn't speak. I put the phone down. I fell out of my chair. I was writhing on the floor. Then I had the vision.

That was Nick in 2010. And I can tell you he hasn't changed a bit.


Music? / Oh, same as usual. Struggling to get my guitar playing up to the right level of skill for recording. I've made a few adjustments to the lyrics for You're Lying and My Heart. (Tony Robbins talks about changing something by one millimetre and the whole thing changes. He's not wrong.) I'm convinced they're two of the greatest songs ever written. (What do you think I've been doing for the last year or so, dear reader(s), picking my nose?) I've got to make them sound like it though.

Politics? / 'Do we have to, boss?' Yes. 'Boring shite, man.' Labour are thinking about stopping benefits for the under twenty-fives if they get into power. Fucking idiots! Most decent "human" people are disgusted by the heartless, fascist Tories, and now Labour want to copy them. / I'm not voting for anyone! 'You're just like Russell Brand!' Oh, I wish I had his money, son.

Update: Labour have denied it, thank God! It was just the Telegraph, fantasizing, wanking off about its dream of a new Sparta or something.

Lunch? / YES!!!