Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Who is Keith Meister?(!)

Oh, don't you know? 'They don't know, man.' I ... / Don't you know who Mr Meister is? I can't believe you don't know. (Unbelievable!) 'They don't know, man.' Do you need me to tell you everything, dear reader(s)? 'Just tell them, man.' / All right. Keith Meister used to work for Carl Icahn. You know who Carl Icahn is, yeah? 'Of course they do.' (Thank Christ!) His brother is Todd Meister. 'Who?!' Do you remember him? (No? I give up!) / Anyway, Keith runs Corvex Management - for his sins - and he has just raised a $220 million feeder fund, er ... for his Corvex Master fund ... / And, er, that's it. That's all the news. 'What?!' That's all the news today, Voice. I've got different fish to fry. 'You're joking, right?' Oh, I may as well just mention that the fund is closed to new investors. 'Great! What a waste of everyone's time. No one can invest in it now.' So? 'Mikey, people want to hear about funds they can invest in.' No, people want the news, son. I've given them the news. If they don't like it, they can fuck off to one of the square websites. God knows there's enough of them. 'Lovely. / I suppose you'll be frying these fish of yours in yet another conceptual post?' Yes. No. 169 - for your information. 'Jesus! / How many are you going to write, boss?' I don't know, Voice. Maybe hundreds. Maybe thousands. Until the message gets through. 'What message?' That they've got to get a-ROUND ... to leave normal reality behind, to find the real, true reality. 'I think your readers have got that message.' No, no, no. I don't think they have. / This is REAL(!) shamanism, man. All that desert stuff with Big Herb, and Ganesh, and the ghosts of the dead financiers, that was amateur hour. I'm getting deeper, and I'm getting higher.


I don't care what anyone thinks. Frankly, I don't care if anyone follows. This is personal. I'm getting deeper, and I'm getting higher. Let the devil take the hindmost!