Monday, 11 November 2013

Cantab Capital Partners has been going all mental with Lego

It's crazy! / Dear reader(s), do you remember the days when Ewan Kirk had no ego, and then he had an ego? They were confusing times. / Well, things have taken a turn for the worse. Now Mr Kirk has bought Lego for his staff. 'What?!' That's right, Voice. Lego! You can argue they've taken it a step further than Aviva Investors. Not only is work a thing of the past, but they're playing now too. 'They're not even pretending, Mikey!' No, man. / I suppose you've got to admire them.

Actually, I'm rather pleased, a bit. Maybe. Well ... I mean, it's basically down to me. 'Eh?!' Finance was always heading in this direction, Voice. Aviva and Cantab are only the first. There'll be others. 'What do you mean, it's down to you?' I brought mysticism into finance, didn't I? 'Yeah.' ('What about Big Herb?' Forget him.) Well, people couldn't really handle it, but it opened their eyes. They started to see the futility of what they were doing. Then I shut down the desert, astral and physical. The vision died. And so what was left? 'Tell us!' Just ... fun and games, drifting, getting a-ROUND, ice creams in the park ... you know? 'Christ! That's your legacy, boss?!' I'm afraid so. It's why I spend so much time playing my guitar these days. 'Well, that's better than Lego.' Oh, a lot better. / Lego?! They're crazy!


After lunch today, guess what I'll be doing, dear reader(s). I won't be playing with Lego, that's for sure.

I've been thinking. 'Oh no, not again!' The Conservatives think that capitalism is just for them and their mates. 'What does that mean, Mikey?!' Don't be so thick, Voice.

It doesn't matter, man. I'm just gonna play my guitar. 'And while your guitar gently weeps ...' Yeah.