Monday, 17 April 2017

Don't miss TradeTech, Mikey!

Okay, okay ... / It's less than two weeks away! Uh ... even less now. One week, my dear reader(s)! 'Hang on! Who said that, boss?' Eh? What? 'Who, who said ... "Don't miss TradeTech, Mikey!" ... ?' Me, Voice. 'Oh, okay. So you're talking to yourself now?' Well, Charlotte said it, sort of. 'Who in the name of Christ is Charlotte?!' Don't get upset, you little idiot. Charlotte is the PR woman who sent me the invitation. 'What fucking invitation?!' Jesus H . - !!! The invitation to TradeTech in Paris. 'Paris?! Are you going then?' Ha! No. 'Oh.' I can still write about it though ...

Invitation: TradeTech - 2 WEEKS AWAY

WHEN: 25th-26th April 2017

WHERE: Palais des Congrès de Paris

You see? Next Tuesday and Wednesday. In Paris, too. 'Great! Who are the keynote speakers?' Keynote? Er ...

Jeff Jonas, Former IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of Context Computing has been announced as one of the Keynote Speakers at this year's TradeTech Europe.

And ... 'Yeah. That's one of them, boss.' Shut up! And -

Additional Keynote Speakers include:

Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

Nicky has recently been known for her support for the 'Remain' campaign during Brexit and support for the EU. She will be discussing what impact Brexit will have on Britain as well as Europe's financial market.

Eric Boss, Global Head of Trading, Allianz Global Investors

Eric will be disclosing in our day one opening interview how he is preparing all trading activities for the upcoming MiFID II requirements and how he is navigating the differing requirements of the varying asset classes they trade.

In our day? What does that mean? 'Our day one.' Oh, right. Of course. I thought ... never mind. 'And you're going to miss it, all this. In Paris, too.' Well ...

Why you cannot miss TradeTech 2017

A world class speaker faculty made up of more buy side representatives than at any other event including experts from Invesco, T.Rowe Price, Generali Investments, Standard Life Investors, Amundi Asset Management and many more sharing their insights on how to build a world class equity trading desk.

Direct feedback from regulators on how to comply with impending regulations, including commentary from an impressive list of guest speakers, on how MiFID II is driving transparency in the financial market and creating the much needed market structure reform.

TradeTech Europe 2017 will bring together 1000+ equity trading leaders from the full value chain - key regulators, buy side, sell side, venues and technology partners - all exclusively under one roof. Only at TradeTech Europe will you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with those shaping the future of your market.

So, er ... yeah, I'm going to miss it. 'Shame.' Well, maybe they should have asked me to be a keynote speaker, you know? I'm available, at the right price.

Never mind.


Anything else? Music? Guitar? I can't play my guitar too much at the moment because I fell over in the street last week and banged my ribs, arm, hand, and cut my goddamn knee. 'Daydreaming again, Mikey?' No. Well, maybe. But my Timberland boots make me clumsy, man. 'Don't wear them then.' Ha! I'll never give up my boots. They're a part of my image. 'But you're not a rapper!' Oh, I'm bad though. No one messes with me, anyway.

Laters. Enjoy the last few hours of Easter, reader(s).