Monday, 24 April 2017

Orange Capital Partners acquires €150.9 million portfolio from NSI

Euros? There's no harm in it, I suppose. We'll all be using euros soon. 'How do you work that out, boss?' Ha! Think about it, idiot!

Dear reader(s), I just can't get the staff ...

Anyway ...

The portfolio consists of 16 retail assets with a total surface area of 84,682sqm, of which more than 75% is located in the Randstad conurbation. Anchor retailers in the portfolio include the supermarket chains Ahold, Jumbo, Lidl and Hoogvliet. With the acquisition the convenience retail portfolio of Orange Capital Partners has grown to a total of 28 assets with an aggregated size of 150,000sqm.

Er ... I've heard of Lidl. But where is this Jumbo supermarket? Or Hoogvliet, for Christ's sake?! It's utterly bizarre. Obviously, some PR guy has just made this shit up for a laugh. 'Boss.' What, Voice? 'They're Dutch.' Oh.

Casper Vernooij, partner at Orange Capital Partners, commented: "The portfolio comprises of predominantly convenience retail assets which is at the heart of our strategy. The acquisition further adds to our existing portfolio in the Netherlands. We will use our expertise and local knowledge to invest in these assets and make them more attractive to both retailers and local consumers."

Oh, I see. Netherlands. That explains it. Ha! I thought it was strange, reader(s). I ain't seen no Jumbo supermarkets around. / Anyway, here's a bit on Orange Capital -

Orange Capital Partners is a real estate investment and asset management company founded in 2014. Orange Capital Partners acts as a joint venture partner for international pension funds, investment banks and family offices for real estate investments in the Netherlands. The company has two separate investment teams focused on Dutch residential and Dutch retail opportunities. Orange Capital Partners has an outstanding track-records in sourcing, executing and managing complex real estate transactions. Since inception Orange Capital Partners has successfully closed more than €700mn of deals.

Okay. Okay. That's from the PR email. But I've been doing my own research. 'Bloody hell, boss! Impressive!' Yeah. I've been having a look at their website. Apparently, they have a passion for excellence. Which is always a good thing. 'They sound like guys after your own heart.' There's a woman, too, Voice, I think. 'I mean "guys" as in, uh ... a unisex thing, yeah?' Oh, of course. / Anyway ...

We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative and independent thinking. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. It also leads us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, a long-term perspective, and a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.

Not bad, eh? Not bad at all.


Anything else? Music? My ribs are a bit better, so I'll be able to play more guitar now. / I've been thinking how close I am to having enough material for an album. Well, I have seven complete songs, and two pieces of music. This means I need another two pieces of music and four lyrics. [No B-sides though.] Which is okay. It's a very slow process, man, but I've discarded stuff, too, you dig? 'Will this be the Citizen Kane of albums, Mikey?' Oh, you never know, Voice. It's certainly shaping up very nicely.

Anyway ... / Later? No. 506. Laters.