Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Election worries and gold

Well, well ... / Everyone's worried about the state of the world, you dig? 'Are you buying gold, boss?' Er ... no. I can't afford gold. I'm buying baked beans.

The snap UK election in June and the second round of voting in France in May are galvanizing investors to buy physical gold to protect against the uncertain election outcomes, according to investment firm The Pure Gold Company.

Yeah, it's a PR email, again. 'Ha! Couldn't you find any news, boss?' No, Voice. I'm being let down, big time. 'Oh.' There just ain't any news worth reporting. Thank God for Kathy! 'Who?' Kathy. The PR woman.

Chief executive Josh Saul said: "This past week has seen a surge in gold buyers, and this morning especially, our clients are looking to take advantage of a drop in the gold price as the French presidential polls favour moderate candidate Emmanuel Macron. People purchasing gold this morning and taking advantage of a lower price remember that Clinton lead Trump in the polls and the Remain camp led over the Leave voters. The polls have been an unreliable indicator in the last few momentous votes and the general sentiment is that if people can find a way to hedge themselves with gold at a discount then they will heed the opportunity. We've seen many clients who purchased last week place orders this morning in order to reduce the overall average price that they have bought at."

You see? This morning, that morning. That's our Josh, that is, telling it how it is. 'Yeah. Are you going to link to their website?' No. This is enough, man. I ain't promoting stuff. 'Oh.' And if my readers want to buy gold, they will. I don't give investment advice, Voice. 'Okay. Okay.' I'm just saying. So we all know where we stand. / The world is a mess though ...

The problem is, the people who have been running the world since forever are corrupt. But now, voters - in their wisdom - have decided to replace these corrupt rulers with new rulers who are stupid, and incompetent, and, uh ... quite often racist, and  ... er, corrupt. So ... / Anyway ...

"43% of people purchasing gold have been first time investors who say their motivations for buying gold is to remove exposure to equities. They're worried that a Marine Le Pen victory in France, uncertainty over the UK's general election in June or an escalation in hostilities between N Korea and US could result in a considerable decline in global stocks. People are purchasing gold as a hedge against these events occurring whilst hoping that they don't. This is especially true for retirees. We have seen a 105% increase in people purchasing physical gold through their SIPP or Pension in the last seven days to protect their investments from election uncertainty."

Well, er ... that must be our Josh again. Yeah. / Hopefully, Le Pen won't win. We don't need more trouble. 'What about the election here, boss?' I don't want to talk about politics, son. 'Oh.' However, I will say ... if Theresa May and the Tories win big, they will have to own Brexit and the consequences ... which might turn out to be quite amusing in the long run.


Anything else? Music? I ain't listening to nothing. Er, my music? Well, my ribs are cool now, reader(s), so I can play the guitar again. 'Yippee! / When are you going to record those two songs?' Soon. If there's no noise in the street. 'Oh.' Yeah. Those slags outside. Christ! I'm trying to make history, man, and they're just making noise. 'They should be ashamed of themselves, Mikey.' Ha! Voice, people like that have no concept of shame. 'They're selfish.' They're thoughtless. All they care about is the pub or something, I don't know. Banging their car doors. Always in a rush. Why can't they sit quietly in a room? 'Blaise Pascal.' Fuckin' A, Blaise Pascal!

Anyway, laters, yeah?